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Own the superstar of Maharashtra's street food - vada pav.

A quirky possession that'll create memorable moments.

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Show your appreciation for someone you respect (or for yourself)

with the most exclusive symbol of Puneri culture.

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Gift yourself and your loved ones peace of mind and

the warmth of spirituality, in form of a cozy replica.

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Saluting the cultural masterpieces of Maharashtra

Setu Art is a tribute by artists and designers of Setu Advertising to the glowing Indian culture, which shapes their thinking, ideas, and communication on a day-to-day basis.

Exclusive collection

From the iconic wada pav to the unique Puneri pagdi, only select symbols rooted in the local culture are shortlisted.

Perfect execution

In its size and texture, every product under Setu Art is perfect. While the size is easy to handle, the execution is amazingly realistic.

Signature gifting

With the replica being both authentic and quirky, the collection of items under Setu Art make for exclusive gifts.


The only problem after buying this Vada Pav is protecting it from your friends, who try to snatch it from you when you are not around. I guess this Vada Pav strikes an emotional chord amongst food lovers, and more so with art lovers. Imagine what effect it would have when you are both a food lover and an art lover. This Vada Pav is an icon for a person like me, who takes immense pleasure in having this humble snack which continues to feed the poor and also takes pride in its rich culture.
Yesterday, I received this lovely handmade Vada Pav. When I saw it, I just loved it. Can't believe it's not real. I would like to share an experience with you. I kept this Vada Pav on my table and left for the office. My maid came home and she didn't understand why I would leave a Vada Pav on the table, just like that. She then thought of keeping it in a dabba and picked it up. That's when she realised that it's not real. Imagine how authentic it looks!
Swapna Khade