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A walk through Setu Art

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

This quote by Picasso is the inspiration behind Setu Art. While practicality and deadlines dictate the everyday routines of artists and designers, there is a strong desire to break-free and have some fun.

Artists and designers get inspired by the surroundings. The impact of India, its values, and most importantly, its culture on our work is immense. In fact, it is this culture that shapes our ideas and communication. Setu Art is a glowing tribute to this glorious Indian culture.

Through Setu Art, cultural icons are picked up from the surroundings and then converted into unique pieces of art. From popular food items to accessories and attire, Setu Art plans to create masterpieces out of all of them. Currently, Setu Art has designed the iconic wada pav and the pride of Pune – Puneri pagdi.

As this world of Setu Art continues to make something extraordinary from the cultural icons, you can shop and own these masterpieces right here. Enjoy the experience of shopping, owning, and gifting these signature creations.

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